Stuart Wilcox

Stuart A. Wilcox has over 30 years of domestic and internal experience serving on numerous cannabis and biotech boards. He currently is Chairman of the Board for Ora Pharm, an international cannabis company based in New Zealand, Advisory Board for Revelation Micro and managing partner of NuRevelation Bio-tech Company based in North Carolina. In his career Mr. Wilcox held the position of Chief Operating Officer for 3 years building Curaleaf from a small cannabis company to one of the largest Cannabis Companies. He has been instrumental in leading efforts to legitimize and professionalize the medical cannabis industry including influencing legislation to require product safety certifications for cannabis operators, standard product testing and standard operating procedures. Prior to Curaleaf, he was the Chief Operating Officer at Hostess Brands, Inc., Senior Vice President-Operations for Chiquita - Fresh Express, Inc., Senior Vice President-Operations for The Original Cakerie Ltd. and ConAgra. He was instrumental in amassing the largest hydroponic grow operation for mung beans in the United States and developing hydroponic grows for leafy greens. He received an undergraduate degree in Engineering from the University of Toledo and a graduate degree from Central Michigan University.
Independent Director